About Us

zykia_rGiving Back to the Community, in Honor of Zykia

Funding a child participating in sports can be extremely costly.  Our goal at 8 Lives On is to sponsor children with funds for youth sports and equipment.  We want to help a child play.  Proceeds that we raise will be used to assist with associated sports fees and equipment.

8 Lives On is a non-profit organization started in honor of my daughter, Zykia Burns.  Zykia was killed in a tragic double school bus wreck on December 2nd, 2014, at the age of six.  A distracted bus operator, texting and driving, collided with the bus she was traveling on.

By nature, Zykia was a loving, passionate, ambitious little girl that adored her twin brother Zyquese, who was also on the bus that day.  She enjoyed reading and writing her own stories and songs.  She was very creative and loved to draw, paint, and make her own jewelry.

Zykia was an honor student and received numerous awards and certificates for excelling in the classroom.  Due to her exceptional learning capabilities, she was advanced to the 2nd grade.  Zykia was an avid sports fan who proudly sported the number “8” for two seasons while playing with her Cardinals tee ball team.  She played with passion and always strove to do her best in everything she set out to do.

purplebutterflyZykia was our beautiful butterfly. Once touched, a butterfly leaves a colorful dust behind, even as it flies away. Please reach out and acknowledge the life of Zykia, supporting 8 Lives On in her name. Each time her name is honored, her memory lives on, just as the dust from a butterfly’s wings lingers behind, reminding us of its eternal beauty.