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Oil your countertop surface every 3-4 weeks to maintain the original Boos block cream finish with beeswax. Boos Custom Countertops Come in Edge, End and Blended Grain Styles In edge-grain butcher blocks, wood rails 1-3/4 inches wide run parallel to one another. Bullnose Edge var google_conversion_id = 1018131831; Boos Wood Countertops Come in Maple, Walnut, Cherry and Red Oak. /**

John Boos American Cherry 3 Thick Butcher Block Countertop, 60W x 36D Shopping for the best John Boos American Cherry 3 Thick Butcher Block Countertop, 60W x 36D for hot sale price with Special Offer. It's by far the darkest of your four options. }); }); padding: 0,
Each rail spans the full length of the block. Countertops with Vernique semi-gloss finish do not need oiling, just wipe …

The table below outlines countertop dimensions that require special analysis so that we may present you with the lowest possible price quote.

Choose a Natural Oil finish if you intend to cut directly on your counter top. Length Riverhead Building Supply designs and installs many types of custom countertops, including wood and butcher block kitchen countertops. > 32" var cookie = getCookie('bbc-exit-modal'); /* ]]> */

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At the other end of the spectrum is Walnut. 'detail': { Boos Blocks offer a range of wood cutting boards, butcher blocks, countertops, kitchen carts, and stainless steel foodservice equipment for any residential or commercial kitchen. Big Bison Blocks Premium Kitchen Countertop, 48x25 Inch, Grade A Hard Maple, 1.5 … 'yes':'no'; var certheight=screen.availHeight-90;,'shopperapproved','location='+nonwin+',scrollbars=yes,width=620,height='+certheight+',menubar=no,toolbar=no'); return false;" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">
The countertops are 25" deep, 1-1/2" thick, and are available in a range of widths from 12" to 145" to fit any size kitchen. container: '#searchtext', { We will provide Boos & Co. with the locations of all necessary cutouts so they can be completed at the factory.