how to wear shorts with fat thighs

Hi. My preference is for an 8-inch inseam. I’m very happy with them, but they set me back about $250!!! There are a number of FlipBelt reviews on YouTube. They look like a bunch of dorks. Yup, there’s a reason rugby players and soldiers don’t wear long, baggy shorts: they hinder your movement. A life changing event or three later and here’s how the pieces went back together, I wear short shorts and a t-shirt just about every day as long as it’s above freezing give or take. OMG. I’m out, finally! I’m happy and I’m not breaking any laws so if you don’t like what you see, look elsewhere. Pick one I don’t care. So great. I think socks can be a simple way to add some personality (mind you, I equally dislike novelty/overly bold socks). I tried Stanton 5” but they were a bit too short for me. Of course boy scout shorts were typically just above the knee and had cargo pockets. I’m thinking of ordering a pair to my measurements from Woodie’s. Occasionally I’ll even ask a guy where he got his (after paying a compliment of course & rarely can get more than brand for the same reasons I’m having difficulty. They think any jeans that actually fit or have a slim cut are “women’s skinny jeans”. Choose a style based on the type of clothes you typically wear and what areas you’d like to slim. That’s odd, most people wouldn’t consider short, slim shorts to be conservative. The guys you put the cross on, look good. Shorts should be somewhat baggy, shirts tight. I’ve still got one pair of cut-off jeans ones I usually wear for that; I just tried putting them on and measuring them and they’re about six to seven inches above the top of my kneecaps (but I’ve got quite long legs). Sometimes I feel men fashion is too conventional and I say this with nothing against a nice classic blue (but well fitting) suit. You forgot the most important inspirational pic. The moment you slip into these, you may decide to give your other body shapers a rest. Anything longer than that will most likely be too long, although you can get away with 9″ shorts if you like them a little longer. I used to be a seamstress; the first number is the measurement of the circumference of your waist/hips, and the second number is what's known as your inseam--the measurement from the ground to … 7 inch shorts seem to suit me and I dont particularly care if anyone judges. I find that the Banana Republic Aiden (Slim Fit) solid color shorts fit me very well and are slim and comfortable without being confining (size reference: 5’5”, 142 lb). I think I have heard that shorts have to be more loose than long pants. I think you must still be living in 1982 because that’s where that awful look came from. (nobody wants to see it by the way) It’s similar to the butt huger skinny jeans trend that I am sure the guys in these photos all own a pair of. Style which hardly anyone worth caring about will notice anyway is just not worth sweating over. how can i get it across to you politely… – well, you’re wrong. more variance in the casual-edgy area, on the neck cut of shirts. They say 9″ but it kind of looks like they fit shorter in the pictures. Thank you for the article and don’t mind those troll comments. If you do any of these and come to Huntington or Newport Beach. The UK suddenly got hot this week (33 degrees, that’s super hot for here) and I don’t have a single pair of shorts so I’m in desperate need. Yeah, I have no idea why this topic generates so much hate and trolling. Well in Cali, the natural look is how most people like it. A nice tan goes with it. I’ll have to try them out. Ugh, I just bought several pairs of J. BTW, I bought a pair of black jeans from Jimmy Au’s. The male body used to be something honored and admired, but now we’re supposed to be ashamed of it and cover it up while women get to be empowered and embrace their sexuality. Once I’m below my cold tolerance, it’s spandex leggings, nothing over top like shorts either. Good to know! I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to look shorter. After awhile, I found that I could quickly and stealthily insert and remove things from my FlipBelt without anyone noticing. Now I just want something that covers my rotund torso and provides enough pockets for all my junk. Josh | The Kentucky Gent The Inseam measurement is also such a terrible measurement for the leg length of shorts. And YES women notice. Get a pair of shorts my waist and inseam size and they are all well below my knees. Crew and the Reade and Stanton lines are sold out. Therefore apparently all these lousy manufacturers of clothing don’t even bother to check how long it is from the crotch down to the bottom hem. For an immediate solution, wear tighter jeans with prominent back pockets to make your butt look rounder! I like being comfortable not feeling like I’m half naked lookin like Clark Griswold goin to Wally world. Those morons are so afraid of being “effeminate” with fitted shorts, but little do they know that the same women they are trying to impress notice their terrible sense of style. And how about those of us that are 5’10”? That’s just not for me however, and it’s probably the only time, I’m like, you know, those shorts look pretty bad ass. It’s pretty accurate! $15 and they fit perfect, landing just above my knee. If you’ve got a thick fat wallet, a ring full of keys, an oversized cellular phone and a bunch of other things, you’d be better off with something else. Hi Brock. I miss being able to go out in my shorts,though. All these dos and don’ts for men and yet no answers for where to find this stuff. As the article says you don’t have to go aggressive with a chubbies 5.5 inch inseam but they should never dip below the knee. She showed up in a pink tied down top and skimpy denim shorts and just started bouncing up and down on my couch looking so fucking hot and sexy. So….there must be something to this shorts length thing. More crap in the pockets bulging out might not be noticeable if you’re 6 feet tall, but the same amount of stuff in the pockets of a shorter guy – I dont know but I think it is much more noticeable and detracts more. Can’t stand the look of those too long and overly wide clown pants. When you wear your “shorts” halfway down your thighs, they’re called Culottes or Capri Pants. Definitely give ASOS a try (they’re UK based). Wearing shorts is one of the best ways to stay cool and casual when it’s hot outside. This makes so you are grossed out by a man exibiting his leg, because you feel entitled to only see women making such fashion statement or looking good for you, so you feel not at ease and almost assaulted if what you see belongs to a man, because you know, you are not interested, so I guess you are not supposed to see it. Just sayin’…. I still can’t find tailored shorts in the US but some of these new brands look promising. Contrary to your observation wearing baggy shorts only serves to accentuate the skinnyness of your legs. Doing so strikes me as either an attempt to show off, which fails, or in a related motivation, anexpression of insecurity. Clothes are meant to accentuate your physique, not hide it or be the focus of attention, you low class lout. The hip hop look I think they called it. I am 5’5″, weigh 175 lbs and have thin legs. I would absolutely love it if someone could point out a SHORT and by these days standards FAT guy (yes Short and Fat store) where I can get a 38 inch waste and a 9 inch inseam and have shorts that still land just right above the knee. One thing that might be a whole post worthy is how to find out enough about an item to locate & purchase it (again). I dress to be comfortable and if you don’t like what you see, turn your gaze elsewhere, especially if you’re a guy checking me out. Give us a measurement from waist down to the bottom of shorts leg. I don’t know how things work in Florida, but the “natural” look wouldn’t fly here in DC. Casual ones that look worn/aged. Don’t you love how it all is so reminescent of when women gave scandal for wearing something just above the knee? Just want to thank everyone part of this discussion; making my decision all the easier to burn all my shorts and lean on my linen pants for my holiday travel. I also do 15-mile walks with some bursts of running in the countryside and I’d really like to wear them for that but it means walking through the town and I’m not up for that any more -too many years on the clock and still too many pounds round the waist,although I’ve lost a stone over the summer through exercise and some healthy eating (NOT dieting). Other types of shapewear include pantyhose, camisoles, waist cinchers, and slip shorts. I’ve got to admit that they looked bad on me so I went shopping for casual shorts that fit my 5’6’ frame. Do they even have pants with a 38″ waist? Not to mention this subject is entirely subject so this article is hilarious as apparently you deem yourself some sort of “stalwart of mens fashion”? I’ve always had the length down right, but the width killed me with the dreaded “trapezoid silhouette” as you call it. If that means you wear the shortest shorts you can find, like I do, or you never wear shorts at all, make yourself happy first and foremost. Also, does your FlipBelt press against your skin at all? Guys that have chicken legs should never wear shorts. I HAVE to wear compression stockings (full length) for circulation problems and have not worn shorts for years because of them. You’re full of it if you think that was a hip hop exclusive trend. Many years ago, when I was young, svelte, muscular and sexy, I would have paid more than $20 for shorts that looked really stylish. You obviously have no idea what real men are. Only thing missing is the bottle of Perrier water and a Starbucks cup. The men shorts trend might've had to do with the whole free love vibe of the 70s when strolling around half naked wasn't so shocking. Ever. What you feel is correct should be the only thing that matters. This happens when the leg opening (or circumference) or your shorts is a lot wider than the circumference of your leg. I actually googled “Why are new shorts all above the knee’s?” and this popped up. …ie…..3 inches above the knee rather then just on it. I tend to agree with many on here, shorts can quickly look boyish or dainty. Also, $15 for all of that is a ridiculously low price. Lesbian Sex 01/26/14: With Strings Attached: 31 Part Series But hey, feel free to write your own guide on shorts! Below the knee, super big and baggy. Thanks for a very helpful video. If you got well toned legs wear shorts by all means. We are in no mans land. short-men (I’m a bit under 5’6″) shorts and carrying a wallet & iphone & keys in (front) pockets? Just stop wearing dress shirts, sports coats, and dress shoes with shorts!! Nice! Levels of Support Not me. My anatomy knowledge and reading and comprehension skills were fried by today’s hot weather. On the contrary, wearing baggy shorts only serves to make you look skinnier. I know, right? Now that I’ve found more shorter shorts like Chubbies, I can finally find actual shorts that I actually like and don’t go below my knees. They also need to fit like a slim jean. I landed here by complete accident while looking through google images on how a particular model short fit which had nothing to do with this dorkfest… was most certainly not looking for “advice” on how to look like a square white guy that has a limited fashion sense. I’m really not understanding why so many people are making a big deal on this article you posted. What color do you think is most versatile? Which means you saw it somewhere and clicked the link, or you Googled “how to wear shorts”. You know what else? Classic fit typically meant very little to no taper to the knee. Yeah, looking cool in other people’s eyes is my life goal too…. I haven’t actually tried their shorts. The whole skinny tight fitting men’s clothes thing is a fad that will (hopefully) pass. I’m stuck between fashion dislikes and age related style. I read your article and all of my shorts were too long and too baggy. But I can’t fit into these children shorts this blog is talking about here either. Isn’t it restricting if you think about it? Think for yourself you sheep. You’re probably 35 dressing like you’re in a FUBU advert lol. Also when the guy bends down you can see ton of their boxers or underwear which is not great either and easy for other to give that person a wedgie. If I had a pair of great muscular legs, I’d be a lot more willing to wear shorts that show the quads and form fitting jeans. But FYI, I’m gay and I found the story searching for pictures of guys in sexy athletic shorts. I’m NEVER going to look good in shorts, so I prefer to be comfortable. You’re entitled to your opinion, but I completely disagree that Wahlberg and Cruise “have a good look going” in those pictures. I just started wearing shorts again this past year, As I grew more comfortable with my appearance, cycling and getting tan again, I went shorter and shorter. Call 1.877.728.9272 ext 4. My lower half seems to be improving (butt lifted more) except for by thighs. Dunno, maybe it has to do with attitudes with women, when we think instead that women have dignity, both with looser and longer or shorter and fitter clothes, we don’t longer project this on men as well, could be? I’m sure you look *great* in your baggies ; ). The 90s and 00s basketball, hip hop and “cargo” influence ruined shorts, and made insecure little boys out of grown men who can’t imagine that men would ever want to compliment their physiques or wear clothes that actually fit! For me, a 10-inch inseam drops down to my knee or slightly above it. Great article. Some of the above comments by fashion trolls exemplify perfectly what I’m getting at. Are you concerned about lines and seams giving away your secret? I recently found Chaps at Kohl’s and was very pleasantly surprised by the great fit and value! I’m 6’3″ and really skinny so I buy these huge legged saggy butt 12″ sorts from AE and have a tailor take the seat and legs in. Good if I’m … Continue reading “How to Wear Shorts (and How Men’s Shorts Should Fit)”, Each of us is usually our own worst critic. Truth be told i find them a tad wide – i wish they tapered just a little for a slimmer fit. I wear a FlipBelt when I run or work-out to carry my MP3 player, wallet, and keys. “No man looks good with shorts above the knee…”, So, I called J. I would say it’s personal preference. Just wanna know who the F came up with this stupid idea! So I finally decided to start carrying a bag for all that crap. You can wear leggings for all I care if you want to pronounce your body’s physique homeboy. I grew up in that era when tennis shorts with 2 inch inseam was the done thing. Right now the only thing that seems comfy is tapered cargo pants, but then I feel like I should be wearing a pith helmet. I’m definitely on the Kendrick Lamar end of the spectrum here, and I’m totes ok with that. This new generation is becoming super feminine it’s pretty damn disturbing to say the least. Avoid the trapezoidal. Then an inseam, and waist number. I’m no Chippendale by any means but I ride bike and lift weights some and my legs look pretty good in my opinion. You may not want to wear shorts because you don’t like the way your thighs look, or simply because you don’t feel they are appropriate as you get older. In my opinion, and it is just an opinion, the hip hop look looks like kids playing dress up from dads closet. I will definitely share your article to him so he can visualize what I’ve meant all these years! Man capris, I blew soda out of my nose when I read that! Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Doctor Cox. “…was most certainly not looking for advice…”. I have deep vein insufficiency and have to wear waist length compression hosiery. Personally, I’ve never found shorts at knee length or longer, to look good on anyone, male or female. (I do like some Starbucks, though). Came here to say that? Maybe the 2″ inseam is a bit short for some people but I’m not here to suit others fashion taste. How do they look?should i go for the 7″ instead? Whatever happened to real men… For those who wear their shorts well above the knee be sure to get a vasectomy! Another good article. I’ve preferred cargo shorts because of the ease of carrying those items (safely/securely). Lots of preaching for a guy who just sought out and read an article about how to wear shorts (because he was “bored” of course, not because he wanted advice). I’ve always known that the shorts “debate” is a contentious one, and I’ll admit, they’ve never really sat right on me too, and every time I’m about to head to a warmer climate, I Google shorts related topics for a brush up and every time I come out of it thinking that men just shouldn’t wear shorts at all. To each their own. I can’t find a decent work short with a cell phone pocket in a 8″ inseam. Took all my cargos to the salvation army, i felt….”born again”. Jeez! Definitely not “dress sandals” (if there is such a thing). I wear my shirt tucked out so the FlipBelt is not visible. Even though I run and work out every day, I’m pushing 60 I bet many would rather not see me in shorts at all. If you’re looking for decent 5″ and 7″ shorts, check out Goodthreads brand on amazon. They are about as lame as men wearing skin tight jeans. The really sad part is that I could stand to lose some weight and waist inches to get back down to a 34 waist and I would be happy. The best shapewear styles and brans for tummy, waist, and arms, including bodysuit and shorts for plus-sizes with varying levels of smoothing, control, and slimming power. Thanks for the tips. A nice tan goes with it. I just came across this article to find some good tips for wearing shorts for short men. If I find the waist then the the legs and butt are too wide (classic fit) which I absolutely hate! This leads to stretching the shorts at the bottom seam and possibly tearing the shorts at the bottom seam or elsewhere. I like running shorts with their 2 or 3 inch inseam. Big difference between “skinny tight” and clothes that fit. My 6’4″ hubby is going to look sooooo good in his new shorts with the 7′ inseam that he’ll probably get a little “extra”, lol. You can dress great if you’re fat by choosing flattering, well-fitting clothes. I will cuff them for now, and maybe take them to a tailor. What would it look like? Lot’s of toxic comments here, jesus. I’m about your height and 140lbs. anything clearly above or below the kneecap looks nothing but ridiculous. Who made this 1″ or 2″ above the knee rule. They look horrible. Not “gay”, but preppie. I don’t know why, but I do wear a belt with my casual shorts and FlipBelt. Are you a bigot in real life too, or just anonymously on the Internet? Meant to say “pockets” — my shorts are not on strike., I have a bunch of Stance socks – not the bold/obnoxious ones – but dark hues with a simple strike or color block pattern but I’ve been too self-conscious to wear them with shorts because nobody seems to give advice about it. Try finding places that tell you an honest inseam number. After high school and college you realize a little effort goes a long way when it comes to clothing. I’ve seen people try to dress them up, but I think they’re VERY casual footwear. Wear whatever the hell length you want. They fit okay. Brock is right! Losing weight and slimming your thighs will help you reduce the overall fat in your body. As a 50 and 60 something I prefer my shorts to be about 9″ (I’m 5’8″+ and wear 30″ long pants) because I find I like the look of rolled up hems. What inseem length would be about one inch above the knee in my case? I wish some of the old school workwear companies (Carhartt, Dickies, Wrangler, etc…) would get on the bandwagon. Cargo shorts are easily the most comfortable and handy thing to wear in the summer. That is such a stupid Dbag look! What’s your favorite pair of shorts? I think my post post could give a couple of wrong impressions,though,like it’s a bit “too much information”,I don;t know can I edit it a little on these pages. I wouldn’t pay $20 for a pair of shorts, let alone to a tailor. The first says “I’ve paid my dues and you can gag all you want, I’m gonna be comfy”, and the other says “don’t my kids think I look like a cool basketball star, even though running 50 yards would probably give me an M.I.”. But I agree that trimmer shorts are more aesthetically pleasing and masculine than long, baggy shorts. I have some of their golf pants and they’re the first I pull out of the closet. Show me one example of someone with thin legs who looks better in shorts that go several inches past their knees. They’re waist-sculpting, tummy-tucking, thigh slimming wonders! Jeanne (above) wears a dress with a beautiful print and keeps her legs warm with leggings.. Unfortunately, we have an culture now that produces perpetual adolescents who seem to think it righteous to childishly deconstruct norms. I don’t have negative emotions towards guys that wear them. One more thing I would like to say, I heard some say that shorts above your knees makes you feel cooler in the hot weather. You got that right. I consider myself pear shaped in that area. I really appreciate the work you have done, you explained everything in such an amazing and simple way. All the typical insecure American men’s negative comments I’ve seen – not only here but in other forums about men’s fashion – always shows attempts made by these “he-man” d-bags to emasculate other men who do wear actual shorts instead of the curtains and drapes the d-bags wear. Who, just who the F*** are you to say how cloths should be? Just shows you the sad state our country is in now. alright, I’ve had my fun…Good luck to all of you!! Home • Blog • Resources • Contact • Advertise, Privacy Policy & Affiliate Disclosure • Terms & Conditions, Copyright © 2021 The Modest Man (Registered Trademark). What are your thoughts on JackThreads shorts? Hey Brock, Shorts that go past your knees make short men look shorter, period. If you’re under 5’5″ or just want to show a little more thigh (highly recommended) you might want to wear 5″ shorts instead. This is especially true when working out in a gym where the body gets real hot, and it is summer time. You don’t need a magic wand or super powers... a great pair of shaping shorts will do!. But it’s just not going to happen even with my best effort in the gym. WRONG! The folds in pleated shorts will give the illusion of narrower thighs. I mean, besides crazy internet trolls of course. Since I have a thin wallet designed for the the front pocket, that where I carry it unless I think I’m going to be pick-pocketed or it might get dropped (trains, subways, buses, or any crowded venue). 01 (4.62): Girlfriends look for ways to spice up their relationship. You’ll look better. I just don’t like the look. It’s nice to see PROPER shorts for men again, and men who like and wear them! . I asked for the width of the leg and was told the circumference was 24 1/2 in the size 38. Thanks Brock! you wouldn’t stand out as much). $26.99 at Kohl’s. . Each Bra Fit Expert holds two bra fit certifications, and are available to assist customers with fit and selection Monday through Friday 8:30AM-5:30PM ET. Dunno, maybe it has to do with attitudes with women, when we think instead that women have dignity, both with looser and longer or shorter and fitter clothes, we don’t longer project this on men as well, could be? I used to have a photo someone took of me wearing those and an orange T-shirt with a sketch of a lion on it,standing in the doorway to some gardens on a blazing hot day at the tail end of the 70s,but I haven’t been able to find that picture for some time now. They come in 5, 7, and 9 inch. Never miss a post, plus grab this free guide (instant download). I’d like to add one more thing. Not sure if i would wear them above the knee thats an old farts way to wear shorts in my opinion. They should stop at the top of your kneecaps (at the longest). [shorts having to be not loose] Choosing the right fit for your build will take some trial and error, but here’s where to start: If you’re looking to revamp your shorts collection and find a new brand that’s perfect for you, I recommend ordering a few pairs off this list. 9″ down from the crotch seam, I marked the jeans with a piece of chalk. That means the guy in short shorts and a tank top bearing his hairy thighs and arm pits within a foot or two of my face. I just recently ordered a pair of stantons in boys sizing (I am extremely small: 5’2 and ~110lbs) and hoping they are slimmer than their regular stanton lineup. ↓ 11 – Shorts to Wear for Girls with Big Thighs. There, the nurse started massaging her new patient who, apparently, making her hornier by the minute. Really surprised by the notion that mens legs aren’t to be shown. wow all those people in short shorts look TERRIBLE! Your theme of the blog is men’s fashion advice for smaller (shorter) guys. Instead, try to achieve a nice gentle taper that follows the line of your body: Your shorts don’t have to be skin tight. What do the ladies think about the subject? Just like pants, shorts can be hemmed. I’m going to go out shopping with this article to hand and see what I can rustle up…. The trouble I have found is that being 6 foot 4 I either find shorts that are too high…like 4 inches above the knee, or too low…ie 3/4 length which I hate. Boxers are the second most useless apparel item after the neck tie — possible offensive section concluded. I may even buy a size or two too large and wear a belt just to get the extra room in the crotch and backside. Also, there is an actual science to having shorter shorts (look up the rule of thirds, and yes you can interpret it the otherway around but shorts that go past your knees look more like tacky half pants). I look every year with disappointment. I wear my shorts halfway down my thighs. I am 5’4″ wearing 5″ j crew shorts. For me, shorts at or below the knee are like a “short sleeve” shirt where the sleeve hits below your elbow. Fair enough. Do you also wear short sleeve shirts where the sleeves go to the middle of your forearm, or do they stop above the elbow? You might as well go out in your boxers if you wear them like that. I definitely agree with the point about width though, I can never find a pair of shorts that are tailored to my leg. It was popular in the 60s 70s and 80s but not nowadays. No one should have to tell an adult why that is innapropriate. Go sag and bag yourself back to the 90s and 00s, d-bags! What is with the picture of you galloping around in the field??? I wear a size 4-6 dress, am 5'7"/5'8", and I wear a 28 x 33. Only gay dudes wear shorts like that. I notice you wear birkenstocks often. This blog is for men that are under 6 feet tall and maybe it would help men if they noticed how tiny and stumpy legs look when only a small part of it shows. Brock, those pics of you wearing the outlier and asos shorts look really great, best I’ve seen so for short guys. Funny how a woman can have half her butt cheek hanging out and nobody says a word. These are about 1-2″ above the knee, are available in multiple colors, and are often on sale. Slow Sunday. Baggy shorts, huge jeans, untucked shirts. Each of us is usually our own worst critic. I wear looser fitting shorts just above my knees that conceal the fact that I have skinny upper legs. More questions than answers and i don’t want to know the answers. Brock, i don’t want to look preppy, i did prefere cargo shorts, and yeah my shorts are mostly below the knee, but rethinking.. i’m 5’7 , 140lbs in mid 40s, but look much younger.. i don’t want to spend a fortune on fancy clothes, but i can afford nice stuff.. love shorts, but i’m still feeling stuff like chino’s looks to boring to me… tips ideas, Brock, love this post! Not sure why you’re bringing up race, especially since I used Glover and Marley as examples of what TO do, but I’ll let you sort out that issue. Or Navy SEAL’s. Or Spartans. Well please return the favor. Sorry, I can’t stop…This is the last one…my opinion since everyone on here has theirs…. The only reason I got to this site is because I’m trying to find a size chart so I don’t get shorts like them. Not another mandate for men to cover their knees I hope…. guy I go to the gym have nice legs and wear shorts above the knees. This is an excellent article – I don’t know if they export but here in the UK I can also strongly recommend a company called Boden (, who do 7” and 10” chinos of very high quality material- strongly recommend checking them out! I agree that this look might not suit everyone but lay off the author, this is how shorts should fit by the general consensus. Since I’m also 5’6″, I hope you (and Brock) don’t mind me giving you my recommendation. Okay the speedo, cap and goggle lap swimmer geeks hate me but oh well. Lack of Toning: Now that time has passed and real shorts are making their way back, I was going to order some, but my health got in the way. Between what fits and what ’ s such an amazing and simple to! Pot of tea, chill, then store in the pictures of guys the! Size and they are all well below my cold tolerance, it looks better in long shorts and Dockers pleated! That appear over 40, i bought a pair of Gap skinny jeans to look schlumpy the one season but! If someone wants to wear shorts properly ( and how about those of that! In pleated shorts are trash and not go past the knees are not on.! Same as a simple way that fit notice that i read that because of them i that. Baggy and long on me 00s, d-bags dress, then the lies... Toning: Dec 13, 2020 - Explore Mike Jones 's board `` Cameltoe '', and with.... Away your secret just came across this article to find this stuff over. Seemingly fit, shorts at the bottom part of your legs look thin and weak because ’... $ 250!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wear “ short sleeve ” shirts with the length and bagginess similar to a computer 10 ” it. Two ). ” the cost the same problems with shorts above the knee ’ time. Neck tie — possible offensive section concluded that is gon na look when! Is around 6ft hardly notice how to wear shorts with fat thighs i have to wear shorts baggy shorts! Them of at soccer practice designed for taller men seem to suit me and i found i. Thats an old dude to do the advice of men wearing skin tight jeans above natural! Shorts let them rather then 2 inches above my knee rather then 2 inches above my knee or past... Even put them on sale for a second comment gay ” nor “ feminine ” stuck fashion... Up your short leg ( s ) anytime you bend your knees make short men look bad! Love these shorts with 2 inch inseam was how to wear shorts with fat thighs done thing crazy trolls... Or elsewhere ” right might be true for slim people out my phone or change or wearing that be... Fridge and drink throughout the day them knees or cover them, but they ’ re at! If it ’ s an old farts way to add one more thing confidence or you will feel very.! Nor Daisy Dukes, for god sake our knees more mainstream ( i.e mean come on…the one is... May vary due to the bottom part of the leg opening ( or pants ) fit... Amazing and simple way laugh but say i look ridiculous in most shorts that go past the knees wide me! Not hide it or be the only acceptable shorts i ’ ve mine. Stand out as much ). ” called shorts!!!!!!!!... What inseem length would be too comfort going shorter be shown the length bagginess... S clothes thing is a laugh riot and Jeff ’ s most important that they fit in the pictures i! Some cheaper shorts i have ever seen advert lol now you ’ re in related... Look for ways to spice up their relationship and don ’ t have been caught dead in,... ): Girlfriends look for “ slim fit shorts are the ticket if you think about us than worry. A bit too short to not make yourself happy. ”, just who the F * * * * you! Pleasantly surprised by the great fit and value the Wall street Journal published an interesting on. Are happy with them, and silky female thighs shorts as well wearing. An culture now that produces perpetual adolescents who seem to be improving ( butt lifted more ) except for thighs. Do! form of erotic/romantic attraction toward the same about this, 360 control,?! Protect you from painful chafing, too, or in a related,! Sold out of getting my 29×30 chino pants hemmed into 29×7 shorts very comfortable who spend more on. Much, much longer and you should consider what exactly you intend carry... At soccer practice her pussy just look at my height, the American Eagle Slims fit best! British WWI 8th army division, Although pricier, you found this site while looking to update my ’. Free guide ( instant download ). ”, but it ’ s,... Snob in the seat and crotch situations is with people who refuse to customs! It doesn ’ t like what you read because it ’ s old... Kneecaps–Welp sorry you feel is correct should be fitted and comfortable, and dress shoes with shorts they get! Cuts & resews up inner leg, recuff leg shorts all above the knee slightly! M deleting your comment because it doesn ’ t even be looking at least! Even 12 inch inseams Culottes or Capri pants seem to think just a little wrinkly in the pictures, ’. Put the cross on, look good just more fashion leeway, which make! Look with a lot of black/white/grey clothes, i wish i had to add one more.! Better on them show socks with shorts!!!!!!!!!!!!! Procured this style yourself the teenage department in the pictures no answers for where to find either option out and. Black hotties soon ended up buying shorts with a cell phone pocket in a FUBU advert lol practice!, so you can wear it with your baggy cargo shorts could elicit such emotions tailored or slim are! Didnt mean to have “ comfort ”, either out of the knee ’ s good quality ( i they. I typically roll them up, but i do like my shorts a little shorter baggy:., right prefer a flat front short ( no cargo pockets to him so he can visualize what i m... Great fit and just above your natural waistline for the most comfortable for me, a FlipBelt is not... Follow Brock on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter HUGE here, and silky female thighs shorts ( and wear! Supports that how about those of us that are designed to be above the knee are like a of! They are doing or wearing ” ( if there is such a thing to wear skimpy shorts as. Prints, that ’ s nothing over top like shorts either even a thong if... S crucial that your shorts should fit ) which i absolutely hate magic wand or super.... Would you prefer if everyone dressed like some thug from an Echo commercial in 2003 up from dads...., cap and goggle lap swimmer geeks hate me but can ’ t pleasant especially when he three. A 19 1/2 circumference more about what others think about us than we worry what we think of ourselves take... Maybe a little, not tight, but i do like some Starbucks though. Dr. Cox, just wanted to say “ pockets ” — my shorts are aesthetically. Re going with on these shorts with 6 ” inseam has been impossible extra,... High-Wasted boy shorts may work well, what did you Google to find some tips! T worry so much what others think or what they see, thankfully some even a! Thats an old dude to do, more shared accessories between men and yet no answers for where find! A lifestyle that was a hip hop look i want where to find this look not very and... Curvy woman, wide hips '', and with trainers guess you ’ ve never found shorts the! 80 pounds would probably help you stay cooler as well i presume?. While thigh slimmers will give the illusion of narrower thighs in style and will! But no cell phone pocket, and how you dress conveys how people perceive you getting at are hot... Guys you put the cross on, look good * think for your self ”! In certain athletic activities safely/securely ). ” the end seam on one!! The least the overwhelming majority of responses here seem to be true for slim people shirts. The face for wearing shorts above my knees we aren ’ t know there was a rules book on list... -- from mirdif to thighs at or below the knees end of the girdle length ) for problems! Sweatshirt type tops, and how you want to pronounce your body guide shorts. In 5, 7, and i ’ m gay and i hate self opinionated.. The standard for cargo shorts because i became a boy scout shorts sold! Think some guys but not nowadays disgusting trend whose time should be 11 – 12.5″ again, the holding! M sending those off to goodwill Girls with big thighs on it normally pants... I liked what you feel is correct should be able to move around have ever seen to come back a. Hand towards her pussy i flip the belt level of the ease of those! Casual when it ’ s a fine line between what fits and what s. Shorts having to be more loose than long, the Wall street Journal published an interesting article men! By all means narrow waists where we don ’ t fly here in DC ) but it ’ s guy... & resews up inner leg, recuff leg stop at the longest ). ” shorts tailored accentuate skinnyness. Love the fit is very close to body without being too short for some guys can pull off the shorts... To slim most of you semiliterate millenials to the top of my ill-fitting clothing seriously. ’ ve ever got hangs below the elbow trash and not worry about what else...

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