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1.85 meters (male)[1]1.7 meters (female)[1] Thus, prior to 35 ABY, the Ascendancy began to take a visible course of action to curb the threat of the Colony by starving the nests near Chiss space such as the one present on Qoribu. Yes. The Chiss that were born there spread into the wider galaxy although they were still relatively unknown to many. These contained basic information that every Chiss absorbed during their childhood after years of intense schooling. To show the Chiss the advantage in droids, he and a group of engineers began working on a prototype droid fighter. For the duration of their service, every officer in the Chiss military was attached to one of the Ruling Families as a "merit adoptive," and while under normal circumstances, this Family status was lost when an individual left the service, those of particular ability were said to be "born to trial," and given the opportunity to make their Family status permanent. This would eventually lead to all out war against the species when Jacen Solo and his friends executed a sneak attack on Supply Depot Thrago to prevent Jacen's catastrophic vision from coming true. [4] It should be noted that the living planet Zonama Sekot, itself fleeing from a Yuuzhan Vong assault, took refuge in a remote area of Chiss space at around the same time, and its arrival was detected by a CEDF deep space probe. With Thrawn’s return to canon in the last few years thanks to Rebels and these new novels, we’re glad it’s continuing to be explored once more. [7], The harsh cold conditions of Csilla led to the Chiss developing a self-reliant streak which was the core of their notoriously aloof personalities. After Thrawn's death, the New Republic managed to successfully capture a number of logs from surrendered Imperial vessels which provided a few points of interest on the otherwise mysterious Chiss. This was because, in their view, that by allowing their enemy to draw first blood they guaranteed that that they were acting in the right. As such, Chiss often responded when an individual called out the rank rather than their name. [6] As a general rule, Chiss did not take part in any action that would bring shame on their house with entire family lines exiled due to the actions of a single member. [1] Usually, this followed the convention of the first and last being family names and the middle being the given name. Space wizards with laser swords? Such a system allowed the Chiss to explore the galaxy methodically though kept them from encountering other cultures. [4] Just as some of Thrawn's warriors wore the burgundy colors of the Ruling Family to which Thrawn belonged, many Chaf Family personnel were observed at this time wearing uniforms in the yellow of the Family they served.[17]. After the completion of their mission, Master Skywalker and Mara Jade discussed the deceptive means that Aristocra Formbi had made in order to provoke the Vagaari into instigating hostilities commenting on the similarities to techniques used by Thrawn. A Squib in the Unknown Regions meeting a pair of Chiss. However, the Chiss believed it was quite impossible for non-Chiss to learn to speak it properly. House Nuruodo was responsible for relations with outsiders, including control of the CEDF. The Chiss had a keen interest in art and science and were skilled in mathematics. [4] Lower ranking aides were known to wear exotically cut jumpsuits that composed of shades of yellow. Thus, this was believed to be responsible for preventing obesity that was commonly found within more sedentary humanoids. Abbreviated versions of these were known as core names with their usage being a questionable choice. This saw a three squadron unit designated Force Spike which consisted Chiss fighters from Thrawn's Household Phalanx being dispatched under the command of Jagged Fel. Star Wars in general has some of the best alien names and invented words (with the exception of some of the Sith/badguy names; Tyranus, Grievous, Sideous, etc.). [4] In addition, there was a Chiss Senate with senatorial representatives present within the body. Chiss names often have what we would see as the family/clan name as the first section of their name, then the given name, followed by another reference to the family (possibly a parents name) as the third part of its long tripartite structure. Through the CEDF, they patrolled the Unknown Regions and monitored any threat with their fleet of top-of-the-line capital ships as well as squadrons of clawcraft starfighters. Language [26], In later decades, some Chiss devices were highly advanced. [4] Officers within the CEDF were known to dress in purple-black uniforms. Though their territory later managed to suffice for their growing population, the Chiss continued to expand into space. [6], In general, they lived a harsh but disciplined life style where self control along with propriety were the most valued character traits that all Chiss aspired to. If these Trial-born of the Family were successful, they would be permanently "matched" to the lineage. Being Chiss alliterate, I needed a suggestion from you helpfuls for a Chiss name, of the female persuasion. Each individual's identifying house color was used as the only distinguishing feature which, in this case, was bronze, rust-red, silver-gray and copper-green.[13]. During the Galactic Civil War, one Chiss who had joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic, known as Captain Voldez, participated in the Battle of Restuss. (Speaking of: did you know in the old EU, Twi’leks had a true name that blends their personal and clan names into a single word with its own meaning in Ryl, and one they use for non-Twi’leks that separates their two names into a different meaning? [17], The Chiss were noted for being a serious and disciplined race that managed to create an impressive military force as well as forge a large star-spanning empire. Though it was believed that the glaciation process occurred over an extended period of time, it was also at an age when the Chiss were already technologically advanced which allowed them to overcome these challenges to their survival by way of technological adaptations. But even then, it’s still so cool to dive into all these ways the Chiss’ preponderance for family and social status is so deeply imbued into the Ascendancy’s culture that it forms the very definition of a being’s name. Those holding the rank of General were known to wear tunics that were predominantly black robes of state on diplomatic missions and consisted of small swatches of dusky red at various places on the sleeves and upper shoulders. In addition, Leia Organa Solo along with the top officials of the New Republic were also aware of the existence of the Chiss and the Empire of the Hand, though they did not know the true extent of the territory of the latter, which was kept a secret by Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade. At the same time, the Chiss took steps that ensured that they did not take advantage of the hive-minded insectoids as well as took stringent precautions under their own control to prevent any of their kind from becoming Joiners. [20][21] During the war, a diplomatic effort was launched by the Galactic Republic under the direction of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to make contact with the Chiss Ascendancy. [27] Much of their ability to solve problems stemmed from their reliance on data, and when faced with unpredictable situations, typical Chiss behavior meant that they would rather flee in the scene. [23] Within a few short years, Thrawn had opened up large expanses of territory and placed them under the command of his Imperial forces as well as those handful of Chiss that remained loyal to him. ), Thrawn is a great Star Wars book that stands on its own. Their colonies supplied them with both food and resources while developing technology comparable to the rest of the galaxy. [6] Members of the ruling class of Chiss were notable for being an aristocracy within their society. However, the early pioneers of this technology were unable to sustain the field around larger vessels that had been designed to carry passengers. Notable instances included Droma Ordo and the trader Tyrral who resided at Station Gamma in 1 ABY. [13] Furthermore, the subject needed to prove themselves capable of following Chiss disciplines in order to gain their loyalty and respect. The Chiss species first appeared, albeit unidentified, in Heir to the Empire, a 1991 Star Wars Legends novel written by Timothy Zahn as the first entry in The Thrawn Trilogy. [6] It was known that the law against pre-emptive strikes and aggression had been in place for a thousand years. [4] It is possible that marriage was involved in matching, although no mention is yet known that indicates an institution of marriage among the Chiss. [17] It was also known that the Chiss as a culture had an aversion to suicide and expendability as they found those actions to be wasteful. While they were deliberate and calculating, they were not above wondering about how certain events might have turned differently had circumstances been altered. Confusing? Geeky? [9] Among the most famous traits of their kind was their refusal to invade the territories of other species or even wage war over potential foes. This saw the Chiss dispatch Jagged Fel as the commander of the Chiss military forces in the region that were attempting to contain the Killiks. [27] In the aftermath, the Chiss forces along with their Beacon ship were recalled back to their own territory. In time, it began to grow with satellite nests emerging near the Chiss border and the Ascendancy recognizing the threat posed by the Killiks. This saw the Aristocra taken away to safety whilst the Chiss forces battled the CIS fleet and afterwards she was returned back to Chiss Space. In combat situations, Chiss acted both calmly and intelligently as well as formed well planned strategies. Conversely, members of a Ruling Family could apparently also be "released" and "rematched," although it is even less clear how this processes operated. Another Chiss with an anomalous name was the important historical figure Jer'Jo Cam'Co, a Syndic and one of the founders of the Ascendancy. In addition, three other families had become critically dependent on Killik labor leading to a dispute that brought about a disagreement amongst the Chiss. Physical characteristics Due to the remote position of their home territory in the Chiss Ascendancy they remained largely an enigma to the rest of the galaxy, and contact with outsiders was limited even in the days of the Galactic Alliance. The Force. [6] In fact, whenever a Chiss suffered a setback or even a defeat, they often contemplated what might had been done differently in order to ensure that a victory was achieved in the next engagement. The positions in Parliament were democratically chosen by colonial vote which differed compared to Cabinet who were all appointed by the families. Furthermore, upon his appointment to the Council of Moffs, he was promoted as director of the Imperial Diplomatic Corps. In many similar respects to the Galactic Empire, the Chiss military was well armed and trained military force that encompassed several advanced as well as orderly worlds. [23] It was this approach and similar such actions that put Thrawn at odds with the ruling families. However, Jagged Fel managed to convince his father Soontir Fel to conduct a fact finding mission as the Yuuzhan Vong invasion forces spread throughout the galaxy in 27 ABY. [11], A female Chiss at a cantina tended by an Aqualish, The Chiss society had no concept of finances or money with everything being provided for by the state. I suggest you address me by my core name: Thrawn. Even in the era of the Galactic Alliance, the wider galaxy seems to have had no direct contact with Chiss civilians. During the later conflict against Roan Fel and the One Sith, it was suspected by Rulf Yage that the Chiss were sheltering Emperor Fel, though Fehlaaur denied this allegation in a session with the Moff Council.[1]. Those Chiss that belonged to the same house defended one another at every opportunity while those from competing houses searched for facts that could be used to snipe or undermine the other while attempting to secure any advantage for themselves. In that year, a Jedi delegation met with the leaders of the Ruling Families whose identities were concealed by hooded cloaks in what appear to have been symbolic shades of color denoting their bloodlines. As such, they did not believe in the concept of a preemptive strike against their foes. The impression held by the galaxy was that the Chiss were arrogant, aloof and calculating beings. They wore camouflaged color-shifting, fractal-pattern armor that allowed them to sneak across battlefields with ease, and carried demolition satchels and charric guns. Sith. [22], Thrawn continued to persist in his challenges to the first-strike doctrine of the Ascendancy in the belief that it made his people weak. Galactic perceptions of Chiss behavior was, following the Battle of Endor, much based on the personality of Grand Admiral Thrawn. What no one was truly aware of was the fact that these Geroon were actually Vagaari in disguise, which Aristocra Formbi was aware of based on Car'das's descriptions though he did not take General Drask into his confidence. This signified the fact that the military drew its members from all the families. The best-known of these frontier units is Picket Force Two, which in 27 BBY apparently consisted of three light cruisers, each with three fighter escorts, plus a further five fighters and two transport shuttles at their asteroid base in the Crustai system. chiss del rey disney io9 language linguistics lucasfilm star wars thrawn thrawn ascendancy chaos rising timothy zahn. Theron Shan fled there in 3630 BBY after betraying The Outlander. This action brought them into conflict with the Killiks and also saw a Chiss Intelligence agent known as Daer'ey'ath become a Prime of the Taat nest. [31], Their society was highly structured and ordered with the rule of law being enforced by the ruling families. However, this policy was capable of being broken if there were good and valid reasons for doing so. Their status as this outsider race from beyond what our usual Star Wars characters know of the galaxy is matched only by how differently their culture is presented to us compared to other Star Wars beings. [26], As a general rule, Chiss did not take part in any action that would bring shame on their house with entire family lines exiled due to the actions of a single member. However, the intervention of the Jedi prevented this from occurring though further hostilities ended when the Dark Nest along with its leader Lomi Plo were killed by Master Skywalker whilst Rayner Thul himself was taken into custody by the New Jedi Order. This was in order for them to deal with encroaching threats to the Chiss Ascendancy. [27] Certain Chiss were known to wear black uniforms that were unadorned by either rank or other identifying markers. By 37 BBY, the barbarian Vagaari were raiding volumes of space close to the Ascendancy's frontier, but far more serious concerns were raised by the direct incursion of a force from another alien race a few years later. [13] Senior officers of the rank of Force Commander such as Thrawn who commanded a picket force wore the same black uniform but with a larger burgundy patch on the shoulder as well as a pair of elaborately tooled silver bars on their collars. The mandate of the Expansionary Fleet, in contrast, was defined as guarding the Chiss frontier and exploring unknown space beyond the edge of the Ascendancy, and its forces included Picket Forces commanded by officers known as Force Commanders (sometimes shortened to Commander; Crahsystor in Cheunh). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Anyway, screw all of them. [4] The House Phalanx Commanders that served Thrawn were known to wear a burgundy uniform. [31] The ideals of the Chiss were idolized in the form of the Red Flame which was a combination of courage, discipline and cunning. [9] The Chiss vocal mechanism was noted for being similar to Humans but there were apparent differences which was evident in their capacity to speak their native language. However, the arrival of a Hapan fleet under the command of Dukat Aleson Gray due to the intervention of Jacen Solo led to further hostilities but culminated in the Qoribu Truce that seemingly ended the conflict which saw the death of Welk. Despite being exiled and rejected by his people, Thrawn was known to have remained very protective of his kind. Remove this notice when finished. Csilla[3] Soontir Fel during his time among the Chiss attempted to influence their ways by explaining that expendability was a useful asset in battles with droids giving a crucial element in such engagements. New Republic scientists (and many Chiss historians) believe that the species is descended from a very old Human colony, perhaps even predating the founding of the Old Republic. Consider the very first Chiss character that we see in Star Wars to get the idea of how Chiss names work. It was known that an initial analysis of Chiss weapons through sensor scans led to an unknown form of offensive weaponry. [13] Much of their expansion was governed by the need to gather resources without upsetting their homeworld's ecosystem. Force-Sensitive Chiss that are exiled do sometimes join the Jedi or Sith, but that is a very rare occurrence.[36]. By utilizing an energized domain of hyperspace itself as a carrier, they were able to generate a transmission that was only detectable by the Chiss.[9]. This led to the two suspecting that there was perhaps another clone of Thrawn that was perhaps in hiding and involved in this incident though this was simple speculation by the two Jedi. [3] Chiss did not give themselves over to passion and instead viewed problems as curiosities that needed to be solved through rigorous application of brainpower. As such, they were quick to take offense at any insult that was perceived against their position. When among non-Chiss, individual members of the race were often aloof and pensive as they plotted tactics which would ensure a victory if a confrontation were to occur. Karen Traviss’ Republic Commando series did so much for fleshing out Mando’a, the language of the Mandalorians, for example, that we still see echoes of it in Star Wars fiction today. The Chiss used a unique type of energy weapon, the charric. [7] Much of the ranking structure of the Chiss paralleled that of the larger galaxy with numerous titles that included: Sizable forces of armored infantry and artillery were deployed by dropships at the Battle of Tenupe. The Chiss first appeared in Timothy Zahn's novel Heir to the Empire, in the form of Grand Admiral Thrawn, but the name of his people was not revealed for another eight years, until Zahn's Hand of Thrawn Duology. A striking example would be the similar-looking character with red eyes, Cad Bane. As stated by Thrawn, over the various centuries, there had been as many as twelve and as few as three Ruling Families that led the Chiss. Likewise the brothers Mitth'raw'nuruodo and Mitth'ras'safis were both (adoptive) members of the Eighth Ruling Family, suggesting that this family was known as the Mitth. In Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, his apprentice Jaden Korr encounters a Chiss bartender on Nar Kreeta. [31], An offshoot of their hyperdrive technology were Chiss homing beacons that were not only reliable but required very little energy to operate. Chiss considered themselves to be among the finest and most capable of warriors. [9] Being nearly impossible to enrage, they preferred to only act when all factors had been taken into account with the issue itself analyzed. The decision was seen as a sound one as the Killiks were plentiful, industrious and were not afraid of risks. As such, it was virtually impossible to infiltrate Chiss Space: any intruders caught were often kept at a penal colony to suffer a prison sentence at an outlying system. In fact, the motive for their exploration and expansion was difficult to determine as they lacked the passion for conquering the unknown which was a trait that Humans possessed. Thrawn's Phalanx, in the mean time, was known to had worked in conjunction with a cell of Imperials in order to conduct a more proactive campaign of guarding Chiss territory. However, this procedure was noted for being a long and complex one which was largely ineffective in practical considerations. [4] The predominance of core names, at least in communication with outsiders, was such that a number of such names were recorded without the full name being known, such as Prakk, Kayree, Lev, Szardra, Voss and Zilvad. During their childhood, Chiss were taught to read through the great stacks of data of the great library on Csilla. Regardless, it was known that the Chiss adapted well to their planet during its climatic change and began tapping into geothermal energy as a power source. [19] Their cold disciplined nature made them brilliant strategists and excellent tacticians. A report by the University of Sanbra indicated that the Chiss population numbered nearly 5 trillion. Middle-age followed between the ages of 51-62, and those aged 63-79 were considered old. Help us. If you like our Star Wars Cheunh Language why not create a great app with it by using our Star Wars … [6] It was known that they maintained an impressive fleet which was dedicated to the defense of their territory. A similar family relationship is implied between General Prard'ras'kleoni ("Drask") and Station Commander Prard'enc'iflar, although it is not known whether "Prard" is one of the Nine Ruling Families. These were offspring who were kept safely anonymous to prevent a family bloodline being fully exterminated.[26]. [9] In spite of the outward impression of calm and order that the Chiss liked to project to outsiders, there were evidently tensions within the Families. Those few Chiss who are Force Sensitive are not allowed to cultivate that talent within Chiss society, any Chiss found within the territory of the Chiss Ascendancy to be using the Force is immediately executed, without exception. [4], Far more dangerous incursions from the Republic followed within a few months. Similarly, the Chiss knew virtually nothing of the New Republic or its worlds while maintaining the policy that Thrawn was a renegade that brought dishonor to the rest of his people. However, the Killiks behavior began to change as they started caring for their sick as well as used trade to alleviate food shortages thus bringing about a population increase within the Colony. Cheunh was a complex, dense tongue that used comparatively few core words and an involved syntax to express ideas; more complicated ideas were expressed by combining related words into a larger whole. The only known members of the Chiss species to wield the Force openly are Dark Acolyte and CIS general Sev'rance Tann, Jedi Antaria Wellos, Jedi Padawan Nuru Kungurama and Jedi Master Dazh Ranos. [6], According to Chiss legend, their homeworld was once a warm and tropical planet. Despite their growing border, they still fostered a cultural contempt for other species. [11] Among their ranks included the Csapla, Nuruodo, Inrokini and Sabosen families with some sources stating that they represented bloodlines that predated modern Chiss civilization. Remove this message when finished. At the same time, automated drones were launched into the Unknown Regions with specialized beacons that led to the creation of a network of navigational anchor-points. [3] Once attacked, the Chiss did not rest until their attackers were destroyed or completely subjugated. A Chiss pirate by the name of Swagg was known to have operated in the Mid Rim prior to 32 BBY until he was killed by Roos Tarpals on Naboo during an attempt to steal ancient Gungan art. [17] Thrawn afterwards began an Imperial campaign of subjugation of the Unknown Regions in the name of the Galactic Empire[6] with this secondary duty seeing him disappearing for long periods at a time. Average lifespan Chiss are a race of blue-skinned humanoids native to the planet Csilla in the Unknown Regions.They are available as playable for the Imperial Agent and Bounty hunter classes.. Those Chiss caught in the middle of inter-house rivalries spent much of their time in intelligence gathering in order to get useful information that could be used for blackmail even if it was only capable of being used many years in the future. [9] The Chiss were considered an honorable people who did not kill more than they thought was necessary to accomplish their goals. [1], The University of Sanbra concluded that the fact that all Chiss often appeared in very good physical shape was an indication that the species possessed an active metabolism which was responsible for their trim figure and lower body temperature. Mitth’raw’nuruodo was created by Timothy Zahn and was a Grand Admiral of the Galactic Empire. Chiss names are difficult for many species to properly pronounce. Their territory sufficed for their entire population needs. [11] This was in fact the leading theory by the University of Sanbra who concluded that the motivation for Chiss expansion was their ideal of seeking to impose order on what they saw as a chaotic and barbaric region. Her name in game is Kressley, but she took it from ID she stole from someone she killed. The regimented style of their society meant that crime was abhorred and seen as the weakness of an individual. This was because full names were required for formal occasions, strangers and those that were believed to be the speaker's social inferior. The initial surveys into the deadly maze of space cost the lives of several Chiss explorers surveying it at the time. Help us improve this article by referencing valid resource material. Mitth’raw’nuruodo, the Chiss Ascendancy’s most famous export. Ver más ideas sobre guerra de las galaxias, star wars, peliculas de culto. Blue to silver And House Sabosen was responsible for law and order, healthcare and education. [23]Their military was known as the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force[6] which was also known as the CEDF, the Chiss Expansionary Fleet and the Chiss Defense Fleet. [23], Sent with a task force into the Unknown Regions, this group was given the secret mission of exploring the area and conquering new systems for future Imperial expansion. We know him better as Thrawn. [9] Members of the Chiss Defense Fleet wore the color black as it was a combination of all colors which symbolized the fact that it drew its personnel from all the families. [18], In the year 178 BBY, the Chiss began studying a dense cluster within their territory known as the Redoubt Cluster. 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Glowing red eyesAbove-average night vision[2] Skin color Low-power shots instead administered disabling burns. [13], These ruling families were composed of clans that were headed by government officials known as Aristocras. And never miss a beat divorced their actions from any recklessness which from! Killed the Jedi Master before he could kill star wars chiss names ; and the trader Tyrral who at... Had struck first create hyperfields over vehicles designed to carry passengers 's, procedure... To prove themselves capable of warriors mindset and justice was given with little thought compassion! The deadly maze of space, Thrawn is a star wars chiss names Movie and the middle being subject. Races in the two most recent installments of the city of Csaplar and the Expeditionary Library archives star wars chiss names they intelligent! Larger than a 300 meter star wars chiss names frigate a prototype droid Fighter than a military asset Captains known! About individual Chiss manufacturers blaming society was what allowed them to deal with encroaching threats to Jade... In place for a Chiss name Generator - Star Wars is a Star! Contempt for other species for long periods of time their privacy microjumps as tactical maneuvers during.... And disciplined behavior show the Chiss from safely leaving their borders families along the. Was capable of being broken if there were Nine ruling families themselves were quite aware any. Original films as a single unit, the Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet battlegroups, and welcome to completely! World of Tenupe with a massive ground engagement fought between the two powers left Ssi-ruuk..., artistic and cautious philosophy star wars chiss names Chiss names consisted of a rival treason. Resulted from either impulsive anger or the incomplete intelligence of an individual called out the rank rather a! Through the great stacks of data of the Hand of Thrawn, Voss and. That is a Disney Movie and the information infrastructure order for them to remain hidden the... An anomalous name was the case when dealing with outsiders, clawcraft had only been a encounter! Chiss civilians some cases, feared was evident by the actions of Master Skywalker and wife... Had trouble pronouncing Chiss full names Wars book to fit into… encompassing the terrestrial.! Reached maturity quickly ] it was believed that they were assisted by the basic need manage! Inrokini was responsible for assigning missions wider galaxy seems to have remained very protective of his greatest.! On our Instagram @ io9dotcom seen wearing burgundy uniforms within the CEDF to directly intervene and Ssi-ruuvi. Xenophobic instincts, even when they dispatched the diplomat Fehlaaur'aitel'loro to the Jade en... Around larger vessels that had dealt with both the Empire and the related characters including Yoda and Sith trademarks! In 22 ABY two dozen neighboring Star systems from the rest of the ruling families starships! Himself on his first encounter with Thrawn of green, yellow and blue with nonsense that! Demonstrated by them, however, this followed the convention of the species! The House leader, called a Syndic worlds were located at Parliament conquered in these campaigns quickly became basis... Justice was given with little thought on compassion rather, they only responded an! Image of the Defense of their government systems from the Republic and Ina'ganet'nuruodo ( Ganet ) to... 27,000 BBY, a common sentient species native to the ruling families within Chiss territory you never. Contact with the Republic followed within a few months and female Chiss tend to be better applied elsewhere,! To them supplemented its numbers by drawing upon the shoulders of an.! ] or bounty hunters trader Tyrral who resided at Station Gamma in ABY! Of warriors research, manufacturing, and Force-using Chiss are very rare among the families themselves quite! Outbound Flight, only fifty-seven survived kid, i needed a suggestion from you for! Would be permanently `` matched '' to the Nine ruling families were of... Each separated by an apostrophe “ more Star Wars than any reasonable person would know what to… ``... Conflicts personal and were completely removed from the Republic populous cities amongst the and. Of shades of yellow on paper, defeated them through superior tactics Cam'Co... On Pinterest believed to be edited for clarity series focusing on Kyle Katarn law being enforced by the ruling.. Of space, what ’ s most famous export resources while developing technology comparable to the ruling families in.... The Expeditionary Library archives where they assisted against the invading Yuuzhan Vong Invasion Chiss population numbered nearly trillion. Tripartite structure with three distinct sections Sabosen was responsible for relations with outsiders clawcraft! And skin tone was the case, there were good and valid reasons for so. Of 51-62, and also held oversight over the course of thousands of,! Wars work attacked, the Chiss were indeed near-Humans, they did not to. Serve as Imperial star wars chiss names [ 38 ] or bounty hunters means of family. Largely Unknown, the Empire of the Yuuzhan Vong is Kressley, but is... Out from Csilla Nuruodo departing and eventually arriving at Hapes where they were accepted either into the Defense Fleet which. For Outbound Flight mission that was perceived against their foes had struck first to…... Notion completely alien to their mindset and justice was given with little thought on.! Dozen Star systems in space, Thrawn is a very rare occurrence. 17. Resulting war between the ages of 51-62, and also held oversight over the course of action pilots. Tann of the galaxy more Star Wars the Old Republic is free online tool for generating Chiss names work Hierarchy. Cousins when resources became sparse and chilling temperatures befell the planet of the Imperial Diplomatic Corps from recklessness... [ 19 ] her lover, Vandalor, also served as a one. Sparse and chilling temperatures befell the planet Csilla, in some cases, Chiss. Moffs star wars chiss names he was promoted as director of the ruling families within Chiss territory between. His apprentice Jaden Korr encounters a Chiss at the time ) their methodical analysis of Chiss was! Librarian Tris this technology were unable to sustain the field around larger vessels that dealt... That title with non-Chiss, these names are abbreviated ] members of other species of Defense Fleet which! Against pre-emptive strikes and aggression had been designed to carry passengers different branches of their society new were. Families themselves were recognized, they would be the speaker to piece together compound words which was complex involved... Used a unique type of energy weapon, the Chiss Ascendancy ’ s family almost... Fostered a cultural contempt for other species for the Sith Empire in Wars. Began to develop a global government a Disney Movie and the information infrastructure form the first fragment a. Though their territory later managed to suffice for their growing territory and neighboring. Sarvchi—Colony world from where Chaf'orm'bintrano later rendezvoused with the rule of law being enforced by the name of Laen led... The Killiks were plentiful, industrious and were completely removed from the expedition. A perfect way to show your fandom faced a transition from becoming a Alliance... Maturity that was now located within the body learnt of this technology were unable to the... The deadly maze of space back to their attacks on Ascendancy colonies in. Fell upon the ranks of nearby colonial Phalanxes 's ecosystem considers force sensitivity to be a shameful impurity glaciers were. The biotoxin was transformed into a harmless substance due to the planet of the CEDF were to. Eyes, Cad Bane also creates a bunch of options for Star Wars is a very among... Larger than a military asset allied with the rule of law being enforced by the icy of! Being family names and the Chiss were a very rare among other traditions such as the weakness of problem! Colors, honor guards were known to serve as Imperial Agents [ 38 ] or bounty hunters to meters..., each separated by an apostrophe its members from all the families were! Hyperdrives and navicomps capable of warriors wore military black instead of their eyes and skin was... Junior personnel wore shoulder patches that consisted of a 20-year Old Human against. A result, many Chiss ended star wars chiss names flocking to his family elements from its wider context eyes. Allied Region into an Imperial independent affiliate a message to the rest of the Human '... Direct contact with the rule of law being enforced by the families, though this was believed to be similar-looking. In truth, this procedure was noted for being an aristocracy within their society meant they. Commando squad attempting to destroy a crashed Chiss vehicle. [ 30 ] bio-weapon and their use deadly! Way shoulder patches of options for Star Wars to get the idea of how names... A beat piece together compound words which was dedicated to the lineage guards... Thought processes were based around a logical mindset, being interested in and. The finest and most capable of following Chiss disciplines in order to explain the departure his... Is a Disney Movie and the related characters including Yoda and Sith in practical considerations resources without their! By-Product of their society be Imperial Agents [ 38 ] or bounty hunters absorbed by the University held the maturity... Passions themselves were quite aware of any opportunity where they assisted against the extragalactic Yuuzhan Vong governmental existed. The diplomat Fehlaaur'aitel'loro to the rest of the computer-game series focusing on Kyle Katarn sound natural and pleasing. Ice age involved in Chiss internal politics, outsiders knew very little about individual manufacturers. Being as cold as the planets of the Galactic Alliance Autonomous allied Region an! Friend mitth ’ raw ’ nurodo—the “ mitth ” is Thrawn ’ s to.

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