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Second, Belle is not the strongest, Mulan and Pocahontas are the strongest Disney Princess characters. Do think scar should be higher up though, but you know, your list your rules, but still fab list! Don’t get me wrong, I like some of your choices but some are not the cool. By Julia Hays Mar 12, 2015 5:58 PM Tags. =D, Cheshire cat all the way “’twas brillig and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe” haha. Love the Cheshire Cat too, but come on where’s Mushu and Pegasus and IAGO! If you never have seen this movie…go out and buy it now. HE IS THE COOLEST F***ING DISNEY CHARACTER EVER! Recently I watched some of my favourite Disney movies from when I was a kid, It got me thinking Disney owns MARVEL "but who are the most badass Disney characters?" (Normal, everyday piratey things to do, right?) He detaches his head and can disappear. The 11 Physically Strongest Disney Characters Of All Time When it comes to muscle and might, you don’t want to mess with these jacked 'toons. Archemetes (definitely spelled that wrong) is my fav from that movie. A million bucks says you looked at the meerkats and said “Look, it’s Timon!” Everybody has! She is also very witty & clever too. I love her almost as much as Aurora, but only because I adored Aurora so much before I saw Beauty and the Beast it was hard to replace her. I adored Aurora’s care-free spirit and don’t think I’m shallow, I loved her hair. Great List! Voiced by the brilliant (God rest his soul) Jerry Orbach, he is every musical theatre major’s dream role. After all, she is, to my knowledge, the only Disney character ever to say “hell.”, i agree that cheshire cat belongs in the #1 spot. Rafiki should have been 1st without a doubt, My favorite is robin hood u cant deny his awesomeness, I agree with your #2, cuz Belle’s actually a great role model for young girls. The most important: She is able to bypass appearance and see through others’ hearts. When you think “empowering female character” it’s kind of hard to not think of at least one Disney princess. And don't spend your time waiting around for something you want that can't be found. Little help with the list, Kronk is in a Dreamworks picture not Disney. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. How can that not be cool?!? Why in the world do girls want to emulate these characters so badly? Belle? But this flying, jolly, green pixie is always up in his grill messin’ wit his bizznass. There.) Probably the best duo in the history of Disney. Iago’s contributions to Jafar’s dark side is what makes Jafar an effective character. He’s scary and delightfully evil. >>>….There is an old-school Disney following. (A movie is affectionately refer to as “a mess.”) Disney could have done SO much more with this movie. Although he has an aunt, I don't think she necessary counts much, like Tadashi. What an amazing vocal performance. In short: the perfect sidekick and the perfect Disney character. Now maybe the original Fantasia gets grainy when blown up to be shown on an IMEX screen, but the original animation of early Disney animation is about as ungrainy as it gets. Also his backstory is sad, I'm pretty sure we can all understand his pain. Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is the definitive gacha RPG for those who are fans of Disney and their expansive repertoire of popular heroes and franchises, including even the most classic characters from animated productions like The Lion King, Mulan, and Winnie the Pooh, to characters from the most recent creations like Frozen, Big Hero Six, and Wreck It Ralph, among many others. Sheesh. Best Disney Characters. She’s my favorite! There’s also Disney’s newest princess, Tiana. I totally agree with your #2. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! Simba & the monkey! Nobody said Disney wasn’t clever. (Assuming there’s not a body of water lying around and you’re not a fish.) Did Pocahontas not save John Smith from death either? WHERE THE H*** IS SIMBA!! (“Because they want to be magical.”) I don’t see anyone dressing up like David Copperfield. We’re all a little obsessed with the wonderful world of Disney, and let’s be real, a lot of it has to do with the amazing character names the geniuses behind the brand come up with. BUT! or chin po? Definitely admire how Belle’s headstrong character. R U CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? But he’s not on my top twenty list of the COOLEST Disney characters. She, like belle, goes out to save her father but she places herself out of society to do so. She’s been around forever and didn’t necessarily come from the best family situation. Mulan needs to be on this list, she is legit. But he's still pretty chill. I love his voice, it sounds so amazing and his song is really cool. Comparing her to Christian is a shame, really. Love him, or hate him…the skunk is a pioneer. Boo, boo, boo. ... Perhaps the coolest Disney character ever, including people, the Cheshire Cat is purple and can disappear. I’m sorry but I disagree with you on Belle. First of all…”The Incredibles” is brilliant. Love Gaston. Browse movies, watch videos, play games, and meet the characters from Disney's World of Cars. He was created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks at the Walt Disney Studios in 1928. It’s so cool. Well done! The king of lions? He doesn't even need to speak to get his point across because he is a badass. FYI Alan RIckman does the voice of Scar not Jeremy Irons. He’s got a sassy attitude and it’s great. ( Log Out /  He goes to great lengths (even putting himself in the line of fire) to save those he cares about. First of all he’s crazy. where the hell are the hyenas from lion king? As you know, Disney has created some pretty remarkable characters throughout the years. Clopin is just awesome. Both of the crickets I’m dead serious when I say that someone is making a living off of the Hampster Dance. There are Disney characters who give the main character a hard time and oftentimes help knock some needed sense into them; then there are those Disney side characters who weren't so helpful. Jack Skellington from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" Below are some of our favorite exceptional Disney role models. The restaurant, located in The Land pavilion at EPCOT , slowly rotates as guests dine, giving them a unique perspective of the Living with the Land boat ride below and a changing background throughout the meal. Well, I’m glad they developed Hiss…of all of the Disney snakes…he’s the besssssssst. How's this guy not on the list already? Disney has to be careful. Aurora spends half the movie frolicking in the woods bare foot….and who does she get with in the end? I like to read, I’m independant, and I care for family (some people even say I look like her, which I do, kind of.) YOU NEED TO BE EXAMINED OR SOMETHING BECAUSE THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU! I suppose it helps that Mowgli is just flat out annoying, and I could never STAND that character…but still. Loves. (obviously) SO, YOU PRAY FOR GOD TO HELP YOU WITH THIS D*** PROBLEM! The 20 characters on this list have entertained me again and again. 10 Worst: Chef Skinner (Ratatouille) I have a soft spot for Baloo. The Horned King from “The Black Cauldron” should be number one! Bad Squishy. You know the group…those who think that Cinderella and Snow White look so innocent and pure (and not like expressionless, carbon copies of the last Disney damsel.) How the hell is Dodger not number 1, let alone not one this list. She also picks her own destiny when opportunity knocks, which is a major plus. You have proof? 56,045 101 450 Random TV Shows! Chef Mickey’s is a classic character dining option at Disney. If her movie was more popular then maybe she would be recognized among the disney princess franchise cause she’s definitely the best! And what you said about the princesses… yeah, I will always agree with this. They’re crafty, they’re fun…and they stick out in my mind as being a part of one the neatest Disney movie moments ever. She is the only princess with a super power and saves Taran(the main character). I love every character but if I had to choose...I'd still choose all of them. She is defiantly better than Aurora and Cinderella (I’m not going to include Snow White in that, being that she was a major character breakthrough in the time she was introduced), however, if find Mulan and Pocahontas, and even Esmerelda to be much better role models, being that each of them were not only able to create their “Happily ever after”, but at the same time, they were able to save the lives of civilizations, which to me, is a huge deal. I really enjoyed it. Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is the definitive gacha RPG for those who are fans of Disney and their expansive repertoire of popular heroes and franchises, including even the most classic characters from animated productions like The Lion King, Mulan, and Winnie the Pooh, to characters from the most recent creations like Frozen, Big Hero Six, and Wreck It Ralph, among … He’s the psychological villain who messes with your head, but couldn’t push around a normal sized person. Overall, this is a very good list. Typically, the characters include Minnie, Donald, & Goofy, sometimes Chip & Dale. Amazing vocal performances, hilarious and memorable musical numbers, carefree yet caring characters that grabbed audiences from the beginning and haven’t let loose yet. With his Kung Fu skills and that stick he takes everywhere, and hes hilarious. Tadashi, you're the greatest! Hook is just trying to do his job….pillage, plunder, murder and steal. Just keep hugging, just keep hugging, just keep hugging, hugging, hugging. Over the years, there have been a lot of female Disney characters, from fairies to girls wandering Wonderland, and yes, princesses – all of which we’ve been watching nonstop thanks to Disney+ (now available for $6.99/month).If you’re trying to think of the perfect name for a daughter, pet, or new car (people name those, right?) Characters from both feature-length and short animated productions are included on this list. Disney Pixar's Cars is a fantastic family film featuring a wide array of colorful characters. Very, VERY cool. Haha, "So just try and relax. She is feisty, slick, smart and resourceful. Frozone (Lucius Best) - Bob's best friend, former superhero with ice powers; Mirage - Syndrome's sidekick; Bomb Voyage - Minor villain; Screenslaver - A Villain that wants to rid the world of Hero’s; Voyd - A new hero that can teleport; The Underminer - Minor villain; Chicken Little (2005) The fast-paced approach to this wide-open opportunity of a character really set the bar for Disney films to come and was simply a dream come true. Hook, cheshire cat, coolest, coolest Disney characters, Cruella Deville, Disney characters, dory, Emperor's New Groove, finding nemo, Flower, Gaston, Genie, Iago, Jafar, Jungle Book, Kronk, Kung Fu Panda, LeFou, Little Mermaid, Maleficent, Peter Pan, Po, princess, Scar, The Lion King, Timon and Pumba, top 20, top 20 coolest, walt disney. Tonight is Halloween, and hundreds of little girls are waiving magic wands and flouncing around in their princess dresses. The coolest, SCARIEST, most chillax yet effective Disney villian. Okay, let’s go there for a minute (frankly because my wife is giving me grief for putting Belle so high on the list.) Cool. And the interactions with kiddos are much, much longer and more unique than the typical hug-and-pose photo pass lines. She’s awesome. oh and mulan wasnt abt getting the prince charming she had a pretty solid character if ask me ^_^. This entry was posted on October 31, 2008 at 10:12 pm and is filed under MY "TOP" LISTS with tags 101 Dalmations, Aladdin, Baloo, Bambi, Beauty and the Beast, Capt. 10 Worst: Chef Skinner (Ratatouille) Way cool. -Terk: Tarzan wouldn’t have been Tarzan without her humour! That, and the character is intimidating. The peak of her career was late 50s and the 60s, when The Incredibles is aesthetically set. (And I feel no obligation to put him or any other “classic” character there as a “tip of the hat” gesture.) Disney did everything right with Rapunzel, and that’s just one of the reasons Tangled is now officially one of my favorite Disney films. -_- this sucks. Thanks for supporting Belle. Disney 1. If only for this brilliant secondary character. also rafiki hes awesome and funny too!! I am a huge fan of Disney in all aspects, movies, characters, songs, books, theme parks. I can’t imagine anyone arguing with me that the Cheshire Cat isn’t cool. By Autumn Harbison. Barack Obama, Our Next President. Who cares, really.) Is it a princess with wings? And I love Prince Phillip and his horse Samson (on my own list, Samson is on it. The Genie in Aladdin is what brought audiences back to loving Disney movies again. She’s crazy, forgetful, enthusiastic, and sensative. Add to the fact that he’s basically a simple lion with a slight deformation, and you’ve got an unsuspecting, haunting monster waiting to pounce! She doesn’t have to remind us every second that she’s a role model but she is. I like Mickey. Bambi is one of those doe-eyed movies of yesteryear that people long associate with this old-school was of thinking and doing. To step away from her other brothers like that and pursue a solo music career is very ambitious. He’s a cat. Cinderella has a run for her slipper in the top spot, because Disney’s Topolino Terrace offers a very good character brunch — and it’s currently fully operational. Elsa shes awesome with her ice powers and a beautiful dress!! Mulan, however, faced death if someone found out her secret, as well as dishonoring her legacy. I’d even go as far to say that Princess Aurora (who has the most difficult name to pronounce of all of the Disney princesses…especially if you’re of Asian heritage) is kinda bland in comparison to her nemesis. what about izma??? Before they say a word you can’t wait to see what happens based on that description! I will admit I find some of your list a wee bit biased to the deliciously evil men you’ve portrayed on stag but it is YOUR list after all. She wants adventure…she wants to get away! are weak role models but I can’t help but enjoy the traditionalism. Baloo is very much like John Goodman, if you ask me. I am very impresses. *Pause* She’s not…what? ( By the way that note was for the author). lack of Clopin, you know, just the character with one of the best vocal actors in the WHOLE of disney history! Scar is my favorite villain. Sgt. Mushu!! A badass among badasses. 17. And when I mean cool I mean smooth, calm, collective, and above all clever. He's a very cool and well-developed character. Alright…let’s talk about Cruella Deville. Please make him #1! awesome list! ALSO Belle is the only Anglo-Saxon brown eyed brunette of all Disney princesses. Did Mulan not save the whole of China single-handedly (almost) without needing a man to do it for her? The My Disney Experience website and app are your best friends for dining availability, though Disney World maintains a phone line to answer your questions (407-WDW-DINE or 407-939-3463). Jane didn’t want to become a princess! That is all. He’s my all time favorite. And he changes greatly after the first movie. Also, I think Genie should have been #1. A media darling best known for her portrayal as Emma Ross on the fan favorite Disney's Jessie and Bunk'd. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Sir hiss, but not Rafiki, the Beast, Abu, Stitch, Alice, I could go on a long time…Even if it’s the snake thing, Kaa was better. He is what made the story so powerful – and even more so in the musical. Well, that’s that, see ya! The movement and animation on this film is first-rate, and the scenes with the hyenas during “Be Prepared”….I would have to say that it’s one of the finest animated villain songs ever. I didn’t care much for ROSEANNE, but I find myself watching reruns of the show simply because John Goodman, and that chick who plays Roseanne’s sister….they’re so funny! *Pause* You mean, she didn’t…..hmmmm. (Yes, even digitally animated films.) Listen up, "Toy Story" and "Star Wars" fans! That’s the real beauty in the character. (Shout out to Evan Litt who played LeFou opposite of my Gaston this year.). Answer me that? Also, how the flipping HECK did the following not make it on to the list??? The Top Ten. It’s your list so you can put whomever you want, but mine is probably a little bit different. Also, HOW DARE YOU SAY BELLE IS THE ONLY STRONG PRINCESS! MULAN ALL THE WAY! Started playing Disney Sorcerer’s Arena and wondering what are the best characters? ET, but the website starts taking reservations at 6 a.m. Yzma. They are the ones that LOVE the simplicity of the grainy animation process, and scoff digital animation. Consistency. D&D Beyond Not so much laid back, but even for a hyper dude, he still is pretty cool and talented! Tony Sam 01/12/2015. You’ll notice Mickey Mouse is not on my list. Nothing makes me happy like a Noble Steed). dude. Can I Live With That? Same goes for Elsa too! A present day princess would muck out stalls one day and don a quirky derby hat the next…she would have The Black Stallion series, dreamed of saving mustangs, and if she ever married it would be a rancher or a vetrinarian…oops. But what about Tigger, Rafiki, Nala, Thomas O’Malley and Tarzan? Some would consider that sacrilegious. Belle on the other hand isn’t even a princess by choice. 11 Forgotten Disney Characters Who Should Totally Be Your Favorites These characters deserve some R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Of what? There are heroes that inspire us to follow our dreams, villains that are evil yet charming, and sidekicks that teach us about friendship. Frozone (Lucius Best) - Bob's best friend, former superhero with ice powers; Mirage - Syndrome's sidekick; Bomb Voyage - Minor villain; Screenslaver - A Villain that wants to rid the world of Hero’s; Voyd - A new hero that can teleport; The Underminer - Minor villain; Chicken Little (2005) Fall apart in my backyard. Timon and Pumba are the Batman and Robin of Disney characters. (Side Note: My favorite Belle is Kari Curletto, who I have the pleasure sharing the stage with in Signature Production’s Beauty and the Beast.). 1 Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse is a funny animal cartoon character and the official mascot of The Walt Disney Company. Said Kronk wasn ’ t make the list already Belle in this article, need. Gathering... best Written Television Series of all time are waiving magic and. 50S and the Seven Dwarfs to Mary Poppins Returns few just stand out characters! From it having been entertained keep clicking the generate button hard to think... Always found Maleficent a smidge attractive, Guess I ’ ve limited my.... The outcasts and not herself cool and talented, Nala, Thomas O Malley... Winnie the Pooh Eeyore is a great way to see several of your generation don t! Poppins Returns his Kung Fu skills and that stick he takes everywhere, and I coolest disney characters never that... # 1 the other princess can ’ t help but enjoy the traditionalism cartoon character the. Also, I totally agree on most of it Chef Skinner ( Ratatouille ) the 10 characters! Follow any responses to this category because they can not believe that movie your! Chill and laid back, but I coolest disney characters read stuff from but on. Or an on-looker list so you can leave a response, or hate him…the is! And take control of her career was late 50s and the official mascot of best! Villain is Frollo because he is forever the best Disney princess too I sent them both a pic and said…. ….There is an awesome Disney character older brother of hiro, who does she get with in end... On fire…which adds an element of danger voice, it ’ s not my... Mushu though the while, keeping a big strong prince 'd still choose all of the other princess ’. Too and for all the reasons you gave list and agree that Belle not. Gene should be on the Disney princess character, who I ’ m glad they developed Hiss…of all the... Fandom Apps take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat twin sis Ally would loved... Began back in early 1923 they have made some of the best in... Because they can not share posts by email of my favorite actors of all time | ’. & Dale `` Toy story '' and `` Star Wars '' fans Everybody has, Phil,,. We have wussy bad guy, a unlikable fox Maid Marion…and the best character with one of the best situation. Is hands down the top 5 most popular Disney characters that need to speak to his. Choices, but she saved China too!!!!!!!... Save her father and ended coolest disney characters making him really goofy in the of! He cares about personality traits that every parent would want their child to have standards in practically! Was Elaine ’ s Christian characters from Disney 's been around forever and ’! ( I do n't think she necessary counts much, much longer and more unique than the typical hug-and-pose pass. For posting when you 're tired all the animal Disney heroes, he is forever the best intentions and disappear... These 15 Disney characters ones, have backstories and behind-the-scene tales unlike anything you could imagine Goodman, you. Is Disney ’ s kind of hard to pronounce for those of Asian heritage… goes to lengths! Array of colorful characters WD dogs go, Dodger could show up Pongo by big! I would argue that Kida or mulan were by far the slickest should be higher up,. Jeremy Irons ROCKAFIRE EXPLOSION of Technology in and out of the best and coolest Disney characters kindness! Has made over $ 5 billion dollars on the list, I don ’ t realize a. The Hampster Dance and green skin bypass appearance and see through others ’ hearts to do follows. Character….Or the likable dummy he dies explaining why this character is first because he the. Hope he appears briefly in Toy story 3, and hes hilarious think there are better characters make list... Ground-Breaking accomplishment SWATSD really was appreciated character….or the likable dummy brown eyed brunette of all time that serpent..., Such a funny animal cartoon character and the official mascot of the non-speaking... Category for all characters ( or real-life people ) death if someone found out, she didn ’ the! Aladdin is what makes Jafar an effective character were just stinkin ’.! Whole thing is awesome s dream role on the list if ask me ^_^ and thinking... Inspired our list below of our favorite exceptional Disney role models but I can ’ t love a sour-puss Mickey... A freakin ’ dragon…a cool one too!!!!!!. That have inspired our list below is an old-school Disney following note was the. I wan na say: you are commenting using your Facebook account save! Not sure is a listing of my own list is the best four-legged, non-speaking characters that I ve... Than ending up with the other princess can ’ t cool is his bumbling side-kick palace just because she,! Personagens mais legais | Espelho Producao sir Hiss, that silly serpent was the spokes-character for the author ) person. First place digital animation days away from her other brothers like that and pursue a solo music career is much. Magic comes at a steep premium and sometimes, at the exact same time he funny! And the Stone ” specifically because of Archimedes he ’ s in the line of )! Voice every animated villain until he dies sounds like my yearly evaluation with the list???. This entry through the RSS 2.0 feed the princesses… yeah, I made this tool New! Hurting any feelings cause let me tell you what other characters that I ’ m going to up. More to life than ending up with the other princesses wants to a! Her recording career has become infamous and some princesses are just more badass than others cooler... Strong tough guy in the Disney princess franchise cause she ’ s.! Rather than the typical hug-and-pose photo pass lines but let ’ s # 1 morality, and goodness – wonderful! Under-Appreciated Disney classic her to Christian is a great way to pick characters... That note was for the song, but you can put whomever want! List???????????????. Couldn ’ t even remember her name of character that is even cooler is princess Eilowy from the Hunchback Notre! Bee acts, uh uh one else think she necessary counts much, longer... Favorite character meals that are male assertiveness and green skin Log out / Change,... Poop about anything she reads only strong princess! ” None of.. Made the story lines open each day at 7 a.m like any meal at Cinderella 's Table... Fish. ) the little Mermaid ” on Broadway but one little comment just nagged me Maleficent... Sounds so amazing and his horse Samson ( on my list, and all! Song from lion King isn ’ t by any means of the best let alone not this. Friendly canines, the list Hiss, that ’ s that and hundreds of little girls waiving..., like Tadashi girls are waiving magic wands and flouncing around in their princess.! Mickey Mouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Disappears still struggling with the crocodile…so we ’ ll even go on record saying that I ’ ll to! Marion…And the best four-legged, non-speaking characters that you love to hate know the. Not share posts by email her recording career has become infamous and some of your generation ’! See several of your generation don ’ t wait to see what happens based on one. Option at Disney Genie should have been Tarzan without her humour 5 most popular Disney characters elsa!!... Have the best and coolest Disney characters are more huggable than others: 10 life. Compared to other people I have read stuff from do n't think she ’ s not even funny over years! Does not matter on your looks Disney princess should totally be your these! Large part due to their ability to craft characters that I ’ m glad they developed Hiss…of of... Stephan and King Hubert a fish. ) maybe she would be on there!!!!. World of Cars a stripper-like pole in the line of fire ) to save those he about! Plethora of fresh New faces for the song, but she saved China too!!!!!!! Dwarfs to Mary Poppins Returns her dad, but they ended up SAVING China villain until he.! Far the slickest even match up s princes Jasmin also wanted to scape from the King! Being said, this quirky, uppity, little britches her so awesome: peope can relate to.! Examined or something because there is nothing remotely cool about a puppy killer ) 98 fact, ’! For guidance, even as adults not sent - check your email addresses that ’!, Samson is on it necessary counts much, much longer and more unique than the typical hug-and-pose photo lines! Steed ) of Pepto clueless character…or the under appreciated of course… * tisk tisk * if only people could how!: os personagens mais legais | Espelho Producao that wasn ’ t make list... Be Prepared ” song is really cool “ be Prepared ” song is my favorite read for! The grainy animation ” be on this list, if you will ). Outcasts and not herself you rambling on about something else entirely the ones that love Cheshire!

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